Attention Infusionsoft / Keap Users

“If You Accept Credit Cards, Your World Just Got Rocked”

Watch The Video Below To Discover a Brand New, Simple Solution…

From: The Desk of Tim Krulia

Dear Keap User,

If you’re a Keap user who relies on credit card payments to sell your products & services, then listen close.

Because a critical piece of your e-commerce puzzle is in dire jeopardy.

Keap Users!  Automate the use of all your Merchant Accounts.

  1. Do you rely on just one merchant processor for all your credit card sales?
  2. Do you have multiple merchant processors, but aren’t maximizing their full potential?

If you answered “YES” to either question, your business’s CASHFLOW is at a huge risk of painful interruptions or worse… getting wiped out altogether.

You’re probably like a lot of our clients who asked the question –

What do we do from here?

You’re basically left with 3 choices…

Option 1: 

Start processing 100% of your sales through a single merchant account 24/7. 

Having worked with dozens of online marketing companies over the last decade…

I’ve seen about everything when it comes to merchant account nightmares. 

There’s nothing worse than a massive promotion being suddenly sabotaged by a merchant account abruptly canceling you.

They may suddenly think your sales volume just doesn’t make sense to them. 

Maybe they decide it’s too much, or too little, or whatever the reason may be…

Out of nowhere they hit you with a fat reserve, they stop making deposits into your account, maybe they even turn off your ability to process sales at all.

That’s why savvy businesses with any real sales volume understand the critical importance of utilizing more than one merchant account… 

And the high-priority of consistently “load balancing” sales flows between them.

Option 2: 

Hire a human to handle it for you.

Manually rotating your multiple merchant accounts every day and night for 365 days of the year.

Possible, but not ideal for sure.

As you know, humans are prone to making mistakes.

And when it comes to managing your merchant accounts, there’s no room for error.

Option 3: 

Get “Savvy” 🙂 

What if there was a simple software that…

…systematically cycle sales through any number of merchant accounts, routinely rotating on any schedule you want?

What if you could just set it up, dial it in, and walk away?

Well, I’ve got some good news for you 🙂 

I’d like to introduce you to what I call…

“The Savvy Cycler”

Your automated software solution that integrates with Infusionsoft and makes load balancing stupid simple.

Here’s how it works…

  • We show you how easy it is to connect The Savvy Cycler to your Keap account.
  • You schedule the times and days you want your merchant accounts to cycle into the “default” merchant account position in your Keap account.

The Savvy Cycler does the rest of the work for you.

Connect Your Keap Account, And You’re Ready To Go!

So, all day every day, behind the scenes, sales are diverted into your various merchant accounts on the schedule of your choice.

We use a Patent-Pending technology to schedule your merchant accounts.  Just create your calendar, and let it run 24/7 365 days a year.

Here’s a screenshot of the scheduler for one of my clients who has 9 different merchant accounts…

To schedule a merchant processor change, it’s as easy as just choosing the day and time… and then selecting from a drop-down menu.

All Your Favorite Merchants In One Platform


With The Savvy Cycler, you can even cycle between Stripe, WePay, your favorite merchant accounts tied to their own dedicated gateways and PayPal.

By now, you’re probably wondering…

“How much is it going to cost me?”

Well, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it’s a small fraction of what could be charged. 

You’d think that the software that essentially replaces a team of humans working around the clock every day, night, weekend and holiday would cost thousands but that’s not the case.

I decided to price it so this is an absolute no-brainer. 

You won’t pay $897 to get started even though that would be completely fair.

Especially since my staff helps you set up everything and walks you through the entire process.

You won’t even pay $597.

You can get access to The Savvy Cycler for the grand total of just…

$1 today, and then after the 14-day trial, just $99 per month 

This allows you to facilitate load balancing between 2 merchant accounts. 

For each additional merchant account, it’s just an extra $50.

So for example…

If you currently have 4 merchant accounts that you’d like to use with The Savvy Cycler…

It’s only $1 today and then after the 14-day trial, just $199 per month.

Click the button below now to get started.

Savvy Experts Help You Every Step of the Way

You’ll be directed to a simple order form. 

Just fill out your info and we’ll show you how to connect The Savvy Cycler to your Keap account in just minutes. 

Busy? Not Tech Savvy? Our support team will even help you set up your account.

Don’t worry…

If you figure out at any point in time that you no longer want to do load balancing and you want to rely on 1 single merchant account…

Just send my staff an email, we’ll cancel your subscription, and you’ll never be billed again. 

It’s that simple.

Cancel at any time.  No questions asked.

There’s one last thing that I’d like to mention to ease your mind.

You may be thinking…

What if there is a rotation failure and a glitch in the matrix causes an issue?

We’ve got you covered 🙂 

If there is ever a super rare rotation failure for any reason, the previous merchant account will simply continue processing sales until the next changeover.  No new or recurring sales are missed. 

So, all is good even if there is a small hiccup.

Peace of Mind for CFOs and Entrepreneurs

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you.

This is your chance to get started using The Savvy Cycler for as low as $1 today, and then after the 14-day trial, just $99 per month. 

Just click the big button below and fill out the order form. 

See you on the inside.

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